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VPN and Data Security

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Data security is an important aspect of modern life that’s often ignored. Data breaches can cause privacy issues and lead to financial losses in the event of a breach of your personal bank account, or the marketing database of your business.

A VPN helps safeguard your personal information and business data. By encrypting your internet activity it makes it impossible for anyone to spy on your data or metadata. This is achieved by converting the data into a non-readable fragment and only your device or VPN server has the key to decrypt it back into a readable format.

If you’ve been in the past and logged into your banking account in a hotel room, or purchased a product on your favorite site while using public Wi-Fi, the chances are your personal data was exposed to cybercriminals. This is because VPNs are used to protect your personal information. VPN safeguards your browsing history and private information from hackers through the creation of an encrypted tunnel for data to travel through.

All data transmitted through the internet is split into packets, each carrying various types of information, including your IP address and the website you’re on. When you connect to VPN the data you send are encased in an encryption layer that is almost invulnerable to hackers. A VPN conceals your IP address while encryption of your data. This prevents identity thieves from linking your search and browsing activity to your real name and even your location.

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