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Avast Ultimate Antivirus Review

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Avast claims to have been safeguarding 435 million devices using its award-winning software for more than 30 years. The company’s free software has limited functionality. However its premium offerings, like Avast Ultimate are quite comprehensive. The suite includes antivirus software, VPN services, password managers, and Cleanup utilities to help users manage their passwords, remain secure online, and tune up their device.

Avast Ultimate offers a simple interface that clearly outlines the tools it provides. Its malware engine was able to perform well in independent lab tests and was able to detect numerous threats that are typically not detected by other protections. Its web protection is also effective, catching many sites that phish, and get past Chrome and Firefox’s default security features.

Other tools include an app lock, RAM boost and a network scanner that looks for potential security holes. Its ransomware protection shield blocks third-party software from changing or deleting your files until you pay a price. The program provides mobile applications for Android as well as iOS. The Android application is more feature-rich due to Apple’s restrictions, however both versions contain essential security elements like malware scanning and web protection.

The biggest downside is the fact that Avast collects your personal information and forwards it to its analytics business, Jumpshot. This was disclosed in an PCMag and Motherboard investigation in 2020. However it is possible to turn off this feature using the settings menu. If you’re still concerned, Avast lets you set a password you must enter to stop the software from sharing your IP address or other details with third-party companies.

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