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How to Evaluate Board Member Software

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Managing board governance is a daunting task. Board members spend lots of time working on meeting prep and board book preparation. The administrative staff also spend a good amount of time arranging meetings, creating agendas, collecting votes and the approval of minutes.

A top-rated portal program for boards makes the process much easier. Board administration can design an agenda that is synchronized with every member’s calendar and then easily creates agendas. The board portal will aid in document approvals and management. During the meeting the board will be able to easily access and navigate documents using any device. After the meeting a board member can record and edit the minutes and assign tasks to a person or add them.

Directors can read a variety of important reports during a board meeting. These include committee reports as well as factsheets, financial reports and reports on human resources and legal reports, and more. When looking at a portal to use for the directors of the board, be sure that it provides file sharing options to share these reports prior to the meeting with the rest of the board.

Portal providers for Board of Directors must provide exceptional customer support in addition to being user-friendly. You can ask for references from companies who have successfully implemented an option. You can also test the customer service system by requesting how quickly questions are answered and issues are addressed. To ensure the board portal will be compatible with your current and previous processes, consider running a board cycle using both your current process and your new solution in parallel.

adminHow to Evaluate Board Member Software

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