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Avast Antivirus Review

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Avast antivirus comes with a broad set of click this site features that are presented in a straightforward package. In my testing the malware engine got a perfect score. Its web security was also efficient in identifying fake websites which slipped through the default detectors of Chrome and Firefox systems. And its performance scanner performed well in keeping its impact on speed of the system to the minimum. In fact, Avast’s performance scanning proved more efficient in cutting down on CPU usage than any other program I tested.

Apart from the malware protection feature and performance scan, Avast offers a host of other tools. They include a password manager as well as the VPN (exclusive to Avast One), a photo vault, as well as a data breach monitoring feature. The security toolkit it offers is very extensive, including an sandbox for running applications inside and a router security scanner to look for vulnerabilities that could be present.

Avast offers a full support website that provides a comprehensive knowledge base in case you have issues. Its search function makes it easy to find answers to frequently asked questions. If you’re not able to find the answer, the Avast forum is an excellent resource for getting help from other users.

While Avast claims that it no-longer sells user information but its past history of doing so is still fresh in the minds of a lot of users. PCMag and Motherboard reported in January 2020 that Avast had sold personal information and location data of its customers through its Jumpshot subsidiary. Avast has since stopped this practice and now asks users to opt-in when they download new installations of its desktop AV software. In its privacy policies Avast says that all consumer data is « stripped off and de-identified prior to being shared with a third party. »

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