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How to Hold an Online Board Meeting

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Online board meetings can be held with all the benefits of a face-to-face meeting. By allowing members to attend, and utilizing modern tools for online collaboration, you can make sure that your meetings run smoothly and productive. However, you must ensure that the essentials are in order.

Begin by making a complete list of attendees. This is crucial for all board meetings, but especially for those that are virtual. You risk not getting to meet individuals who may provide valuable insights and suggestions.

It should be clear to everyone how they can join the meeting. If necessary, offer multiple ways to participate, for example via video and audio.

Utilize modern remote board software with a range of features designed to increase engagement and make the meeting more fun. The right software will also assist you in keeping your meeting on time through allowing for efficient discussion as well as efficient minute-taking.

Set a goal for each topic. This helps keep the group focused and helps reduce the amount of time spent on irrelevant subjects. It’s also helpful to have the time limit for each item of discussion. This is beneficial because it’s easy for a meeting to drift off course and take longer than planned.

Create a waiting room for those who aren’t able to attend the meeting, but wish to. This can be useful if there are unexpected conflicts with the schedule or technical issues that can’t be solved.

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