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8 Secure Software Tips For Developing Reliable Production-Ready Applications

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Making secure software is a challenge but it’s vital to protect data and business operations. New Relic recently hosted a Twitter Space with Harry Kimpel from Snyk and Frank Dornberger from movingimage to discuss how software engineers can create an understanding of security that will lead to reliable production-ready applications.

In the course of that discussion, we came up with eight ways to help developers develop a security mindset and develop more secure apps. These tips are a result of that conversation as well as additional research on how to make your company’s software as secure as possible.

Make sure your employees are aware of how to find and fix security holes in their code. With training, teach them safe coding techniques and how they can protect themselves from common attacks, such as phishing. Organize regular, cross-functional meetings to expose your team to new threats and weaknesses. This will also provide your developers the opportunity to work with teams that face the same issues.

Create a knowledge base and a documentation of the security policies applicable to software in your company. This allows your employees to refer back to it when they are writing code, and make sure that everyone knows the rules.

Take into consideration the security implications of third-party libraries and components that you incorporate into your applications. If they aren’t updated regularly There is a good possibility of them having security flaws that could be exploited by cybercriminals. Use a tool that checks for dependencies such as libraries and other dependencies in your source code to find any problems.

admin8 Secure Software Tips For Developing Reliable Production-Ready Applications

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