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Avast VPN Review

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The Avast VPN app is simple, easy to use and has a variety of security features. It’s missing important features, such as split tunneling and the kill button. It also doesn’t have an integrated Ad-blocker. While it’s a great service overall, there are other services that have better features for the price.

The Windows client comes with a nice user interface that is well-known to anyone who has used Avast’s antivirus software. Its design is intuitive and the hamburger menu on the top right navigates to « Settings. » The Windows application will connect automatically, or you can begin a connection manually by clicking the Change Location button. Then, you’ll see a list separated by region and function (P2P streaming, P2P).

Security is a shrewd choice with Avast VPN due to its 256-bit AES encryption and the fact that it prevents WebRTC leaks and DNS leaks. It also supports the highly secure OpenVPN protocol and has beta support for WireGuard, which lets you connect to places that could otherwise block VPNs. It’s a great choice for those who have intermittent internet connectivity.

Avast’s privacy policies are more transparent than other policies, and it does not record your IP address, or the websites you visit. However, it does keep track of the amount of data uploaded and downloaded during your session.

Avast VPN provides a 7-day trial for free and does not require a credit card. You can choose between a one, twoor three-year subscription for up to five devices. It accepts PayPal, Perfect Money and credit cards but doesn’t offer cryptocurrencies or cash payment.

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