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What Goes in a Data Room for Investors?

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Investors want to learn everything they can about your company before they commit their money and time to it. A Data room for investors can help them make more informed decisions and can speed up the investment due diligence process. This can be the difference between receiving the funds your startup requires and not.

Utilizing a Data room for investors is a typical procedure for startups seeking to raise capital. Instead of distributing the entire investor package via email or a Google Drive folder (which can be a simple target for hackers to access) using a Data room for investors will give you a more organized structure and allows you to track access in case of any problems. There are numerous software options out there for Investors’ Data Rooms however one of the best choices is Caplinked that comes with various features to guard sensitive information and speed up the process.

What’s in a data room for investors

While most of the documents listed on this list are familiar to potential investors from your pitch deck or one pager, a comprehensive list can provide more clarity and pre-empt questions that might arise during due diligence. In this list is a detailed outline of the founding team and their background, which can show that your company has a deep network to draw from in the event of need.

A legal section describing the company’s organization, formation and tax information is also essential. It is also possible to include an accounting table that clearly shows who owns how much of the company. It is also a good idea to have a working prototype or mockup of the product particularly at early stages where it is difficult to demonstrate how the product functions or its potential value.

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