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The Latest in Boardroom Technology

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Boardroom technology is a meeting device which facilitates collaboration and meetings. A traditional conference room typically has a space for the board of directors to sit, a whiteboard and a projector or TV screen. Modern boardrooms are changing, with high-tech furniture and interactive conference solutions.

While it may appear that the latest boardroom tech is just another distraction for employees, it actually can increase productivity and improve communication between teams. We’ve highlighted the newest technology that you can integrate into your conference rooms to increase efficiency and speed up meetings.

Digital boardrooms digitize all your meeting processes as well as storing documents for board meetings on a unified platform that allows directors to access them during virtual meetings. This helps directors be prepared for meetings and also provides a platform to discuss crucial organizational concepts and issues.

Additionally, an integrated digital whiteboard will give your team a more interactive experience through powerful features such as easy content sharing, HD video conferencing, ultra-clear touch screen technology and customizing applications. You can also connect your meeting space to an Dialpad + Miro integration that offers real-time hybrid experiences. This feature is ideal for huddle rooms that require more flexibility than traditional conference room presentations. It also reduces the amount of clutter and also the need for multiple cables and adapters, by creating a wireless presentation system that doesn’t require a hard cable connection.

adminThe Latest in Boardroom Technology

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