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How to Hold an Effective Board Meeting

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A successful board meeting can aid in the transmission of important company information to teams in a speedy and efficient manner. Whether these meetings are held in person, on the phone, or remotely through the board portal, having structures in place to maximize productivity is essential to the efficiency of your board meetings.

A focused agenda with key subjects at the top is the best method to keep your board on track and prevent getting distracted. It is also beneficial to schedule only 30 minutes for each topic. This allows the group time to discuss each topic in depth, while still giving time for other topics.

Distribute all the necessary materials (agenda as well as previous minutes, correspondence, policy proposals as well as policy proposals, etc.) to attendees prior to the meeting. This will ensure that everyone is on the same page and is ready to participate in discussions.

The majority of a board’s meeting should be devoted to discussing strategies that will encourage growth. Finding out the obstacles and developing solutions to these problems will eventually lead the company closer to its goals. It is also important to run through any major accomplishments or milestones the organization has achieved since the last meeting.

After the board meeting is concluded it’s important to review how the process went and what could be improved for future meetings. It’s also beneficial to engage with attendees after the meeting to collect feedback on the things they liked and disliked and to suggest ways to make meetings be more effective in the future.

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