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Kazakh Wedding Traditions

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Various Kazakh wedding customs are employed by the Kazakh people. They include matchmaking and matrimony, as well as a number of rituals.

Matchmaking is considered the most interesting pre-wedding tradition. The matchmaker comes to visit the bride’s family 3 times and covers the wedding details with them. Additionally they discuss the dowry. The dowry is a collecting basic home items, furniture, bed linen online dating safety tips and carpets and rugs.

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The dowry also helps the star within the wedding head out to their new residence after marital life. In old days, the bride was directed with a dowry caravan to the groom’s house. This was a formal method that was no longer used during the Soviet era.

The Kazakh wedding ceremony involves many customs and traditions that are not developed in any books. Some of these practices have been revived, while others have become obsolete.

The wedding ceremony ceremony is made up of an religious marriage ceremony called Neke qiyu. This wedding service is usually put on during the evening during the star of the wedding is revealed to the groom’s family. The ceremony takes about 30 minutes and is performed by a regional mullah.

The Kazakh wedding ceremony also includes the service of beginning the bride’s face, referred to as betashar. This ceremony was practiced in the past, but it misplaced popularity during the Soviet period.

The groom’s parents give kalyn mal (money) to the groom’s aspect, which was once used being a ransom for the star of the event. Kalyn inconforme used to receive in the form of cattle, horses, or other products.

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